7 Ways Print Marketing Helps You Drive Brand Growth

Apr 11, 2023 | Print Marketing


Print marketing is not dead as some may think. Print remains are a sure way to drive long-term brand growth. In fact, many businesses and organizations cannot function without print. Even with all the advancements in digital technology, banks still cannot function without print. I had to fill out a lot of forms recently to open an account for my kids. In addition to assisting me in obtaining the service I desired, I retained their brand in my memory as I constantly saw their materials on my table and in other areas of my home. I could easily see and feel them as well as notice their brand personality.

Print collateral has been shown in some studies to be a very good way to build trust in a brand. Naturally, this results in brand expansion. Also, a lot of people who see your printed materials will eventually visit your website, which helps bring people to it. 

Some Print Marketing Statistics, according to FinanceOnline:

  • 92% of 18 to 23-year-olds still consider print content to be more convenient than digital content. 
  • By combining print and digital ads, it will make online campaigns 400% more effective
  • 82% of consumers trust print ads the most when making a purchase decision 

Materials printed on paper remain essential. They might be able to make your marketing plans more concrete. Prints can enhance the identity of your brand when used in conjunction with digital strategies. which results in long-term brand expansion. It makes it simpler to interact with your intended customers and establish beneficial business relationships.

Print is still a useful and essential tool that you shouldn’t ignore whether you run a small business, a big organization or even build your personal brand. Print media should be a part of your brand strategy if you want to propel competitive business growth for your company or organization. Print materials that are well-designed and aligned with your brand strategy will always be popular, regardless of technological advancements. Brochures, business cards, flyers, souvenirs, booklets, and other forms of print media could be used for your marketing. 

Any print marketing strategy should always begin with a clearly defined goal, regardless of how or when it is implemented. In an article I wrote on StarRose Designs Blog- 6 Must-Do Steps for an Effective Brand Strategy, print marketing as part of your overall brand strategy must also start with a “clarity of purpose.” 

The following is a list of seven ways to include some of these print media in your marketing mix to help drive your brand’s growth.


1. Print marketing can help you generate leads online 

This is because it encourages people to learn more about you online. You must include links to your website on the printed copy and uphold brand consistency in order to accomplish this. 

2. Print lets you reach more people, which helps your brand grow.

When used with digital media, this can be especially useful. It will take a long time to achieve your goal of increasing website traffic by relying solely on SEO tactics. You will undoubtedly have a larger audience if you combine print and other marketing strategies with all of your SEO efforts.

3. You have a chance to stand out in print marketing

You can position yourself or your business in a way that is strategically different from others, even though some people may believe that they only require websites or other digital assets. While you immediately hand out your branded complimentary card, another person is looking for a pen and paper to write down business information.

4. Print gives you a chance to show how much you care.

Your customers will appreciate the fact that you took the time to create something that they can keep, easily access, and reference at any time without much digital restriction or distraction.


5. Print marketing lets you create brand assets that are visually striking and easy to share. 

For example, a brochure, catalog, flyer, complimentary card, etc. can be seen from a distance. Without the need for the internet, it is also very simple to transfer to another individual. 

6. Print marketing is a cost-effective method for expanding a brand.

Very much like some other showcasing methodologies, you can begin for a minimal price level with prints that impart your message.

7. Print marketing is all about your message to your customers.

It’s all about the brand message without pop-up ads, fillable email forms, advertisements, notifications, etc. The message you send to your intended audience is everything. As more meaningful relationships are developed, brand expansion is certain.

Final thoughts 

Print materials must be strategically incorporated by every business owner and entrepreneur in order to propel brand expansion. Leveraging print marketing will surely assist you:

  • Bring people to your website.
  • Expand your audience.
  • Stand out
  • Show them that you care about them.
  • Create something that is easy to share and has a prominent visual.
  • Engage in cost-effective brand growth
  • Pass on information with fewer digital distractions and on a limited budget.

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Written by Okwukwe Davis

Originally trained as an Optometrist, now as a Web Design Strategist & Digital Marketer, Okwukwe helps Nigerian SMEs, Optometry Eye Clinics, and growing professionals align design with a strategy for brand growth through his design studio- StarRose Designs